Design Within Reach Presents: 

Furnishing Utopia 3.0: 


Design Within Reach presents
Hands To Work

MAY 19–22, 2018

158 Mercer Street
(NOTE: revised address)
New York, NY 10012

Design Within Reach presents “Furnishing Utopia 3.0: Hands To Work,” the third in a series of exhibitions exploring the historical legacy of the Shakers. It features a curation of objects designed by 26 international studios, exploring contemporary attitudes towards everyday chores.

Chores are conventionally understood as tedious, burdensome work to be avoided, but these activities can also have an association with mindful rituals that have the potential for clearing one’s mind, connecting with one’s body, and confronting the indifference of the natural world.

Furnishing Utopia is a design collective led by Studio Gorm, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, and Chris Specce, as well as an ongoing investigation into how designed objects can engage with the pursuit of a more perfect way of life.

Photo credit: Charlie Schuck

26 participating Furnishing Utopia design studios include: 

.Studio Gorm (Eugene, OR)
.Ladies & Gentlemen Studio (Brooklyn, NY)
.Christopher Specce (Providence, RI)
.Jonah Takagi (Washington, D.C)
.Hallgeir Homstvedt (Norway)
.Gabriel Tan (Singapore) 
.Norm Architects (Denmark)
.Tom Bonamici (Eugene, OR)
.Urbancase (Seattle, WA)
.Vera & Kyte (Norway)
.Zoe Mowat (Canada)
.MSDS (Canada)
.Shigeki Fujishiro (Japan)
.Katrin Greiling (Germany)
.Sverre Uhnger (Norway)
.Stine Aas (Norway)
.EarnestStudio (US/Netherlands)
.Office for Design (US/Sweden)
.Sophie Borch-Jacobsen (Brooklyn, NY)
.Daniel Castillo (Brooklyn, NY)
.Jamie Wolfond (Canada)
.Henry Julier (Brooklyn, NY)
Pete Oyler (Chicago, IL)
Pat Kim (Brooklyn, NY)
Observatory (Providence, RI)

Special Thanks to:

Sight Unseen Offsite
Design Within Reach
Norweigan Consulate of New York 
Hancock Shaker Village
Mount Lebanon Shaker Museum